Synod Day at the ELCA Youth Gathering!

Howdy from Houston! This morning our day began by reading John 4. The story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Our teaching and the theme of today is "God's love changes everything! ' Jesus showed love to the woman at the well by accepting her and telling her that she belonged! This changed everything for her.

Now we are gathering with the other 600 people from across our synod. Think about it... 8 of us representing the 700 people of the UPG... joining 600 people representing the 270+ congregations of the NE Penn synod... joining the 30,857 people representing the over 3 million people of the ELCA! And today we share with one another, with you and everyone we meet, and with the residents of Houston that "you all belong to God!" "All are important in God's family!" Allow God's love and the love of God's gathered children to change everything!

Gracious Lord...thanks for loving us! Help us to love the people You place in our path. Amen.

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