Mission Statement
Our mission is to be a Christ-centered
worshipping family of faith
witnessing to God's inclusive love for individuals,
for our community, and for the world.


St. Peter's is a
Reconciling in Christ congregation 

All are called to God's feast. 
As a Reconciling in Christ congregation,
we who have experienced God's all-inclusive love
invite you to come as you are. 
We welcome people of any age, race, ethnic background,
gender identity, sexual orientation,
education, physical or mental ability,
or marital, parental, or social status
to join us as full participants in the life of St. Peter's.


    Thursday's Prayer, August 27 - St. Peter's Bethlehem
    O Lord our God, let the shelter of Your wings give us hope. Protect us and uphold us. You will be the Support that upholds us from childhood till the hair on our heads is gray. When You are our strength we are strong, but when our strength is our own we are weak. In You our good abide...
    Wednesday's Prayer, August 26 - St. Peter's Bethlehem
    Our Father, each day is a little life, each night a tiny death; help us to live with faith and hope and love. Lift our duty above drudgery; let not our strength fail, or the vision fade, in the heat and burden of the day. O God, make us patient and pitiful one with another in the fret a...
    Wednesday Prayer Worship
    Every Wednesday Morning other than the first Wednesday of the month, St. Peter's offers "Bidding Prayer Worship." Jesus said, "My Father's house should be a house of prayer." Through this worship we offer prayers for those in need, for the church, and for the world. There will be no "Bidd...
    Tuesday's Prayer, August 25 - St. Peter's Bethlehem
    Almighty and eternal God, Father of the world to come, Your goodness is beyond what our spirit can touch and Your strength is more than the mind can bear. Lead us to seek beyond our reach and give us the courage to stand before Your truth. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. ...

Sunday Worship

New Summer Worship Schedule Announced!!!Wednesday - 10:30AM "Bidding Prayer" worship (Chapel) &... Read More

Weekly Calendar

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